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Bamboo Pot Scrubber

This 100% plant-based pot scrubber makes it easy to clean stuck on food on dishes, pots and pens, including cast iron. Please be mindful and gentle when using it on non-stick pens. 
It is made with sustainably harvested bamboo and coconut + sisal plant fiber bristles, making it a great eco friendly substitute for kitchen cleaning tools made out of plastic and other harmful to our environment materials.
- Durable
- Plant-based
- Vegan
- Sustainable & compostable
Do not leave the scrubber soaking in water. The wood can absorb water, swell and crack. Place it in a dry spot after use. Watch out for mold or bacteria growth. If it smells funny or becomes discolored, throw it away and do not continue using.
END OF LIFE : When the bristles no longer work, compost it, bury in garden or dispose in a green waste bin.