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Waxing Q's:

How long does my hair need to be before a wax? Hair should be a minimum of 1/4-inch long (about the size of a grain of rice) we recommend at least 10 days of hair growth!

How should I prepare before a wax at home? To prep for your upcoming service be sure to stay hydrated + discontinue use of any topical skincare products that could make skin sensitive (Tretinoin, Retin A or Retinol, Isotretinoin, Accutane, differin etc.)

What does eco-friendly waxing mean? All waxing services performed at The Cheeky Parlor feature our non-toxic, non-plastic, colorant + fragrance free hard wax meaning after disposal, our wax decomposes naturally—leaving behind no trace of micro-plastics or harmful material.

Any reasons I should wait to wax? Our wax formula is incredibly safe + gentle for all clients. However here are the following reasons you would want to wait to wax: use of oral/topical acne medications, sunburns, laser treatments, chemical peels, allergic reactions. Please contact The Cheeky Parlor team directly if you have more specific concerns prior to waxing!

Should I reschedule if I am on my period? Waxing services may be performed while on your period if you are comfortable wearing a freshly placed tampon or menstrual cup.

Who can receive a wax? Every one is welcome at The Cheeky Parlor. We offer a variety of services + products meant to celebrate every body! Due to our estheticians' current training level we offer only vaginal bikini waxing at this time.


Can people with penises get bikini waxes? Currently, The Cheeky Parlor estheticians are trained specifically in vaginal bikini waxes only, as every waxing service requires a specialized level of training to ensure safety + efficiency. However, we plan to expand our bikini waxing services in the future! Until then we highly recommend the wonderful Pam, at Waxing + Skincare Studio (805) 471-5385.

I have a gift card, how do I apply it? Gift cards will be applied in studio, after the service is completed, upon processing payment.

How much should I tip my wax artist? This decision is entirely yours. Gratuity is always greatly appreciated and industry standards reflect 18-20% of your overall service price.

Studio Q's:


Where can we find you? The Cheeky Parlor is located inside of Bluebird salon in beautiful downtown San Luis Obispo! 742 Marsh St. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.
We can't wait to see you!

What should I do if I am running late? You're running late to your appointment—oops! Life happens and we understand that which is why we allow for a 5 minute grace period— yay! However, if you arrive past that 5 minute mark we must cancel your appointment and charge a "no show" fee (50% of your service price.) We ask you to kindly keep in mind that our team sees many clients each day and our late policy is in place to ensure consistent quality of our services.

What about rescheduling? To move an upcoming appointment to a different date or time you can do so by clicking the link (email or text) provided to you upon booking. If you would prefer to speak to a scheduling team member you may contact us directly.

Cancellations + rescheduling may only be performed until 24 hours prior to your service time. If you choose to cancel or "no show" your appointment within the 24 hour window you are subject to a "no show" fee.

Our business is small and our sweet team is made up of hardworking employees. Therefore, when you "no show" your service our new business and team members are unable to make up for this lost time— resulting in loss of income. We appreciate your understanding!
in cases of emergencies please contact The Cheeky Parlor directly.