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cheeky waxing 101

cheeky waxing 101

when it comes to cheeky our loyalty to a good wax in undeniable. 

we believe in the power of quality + strive to create a waxing experience that leaves you feeling happy, healthy + cheeky. 

so, what's up with waxing and why is it our bff at cheeky?

let's start at the beginning... 

(journey with waxing)

beyond my passion for the wax world, I believe in making sure every product, including cheeky wax, comes from a safe, eco friendly, and all natural place. After all its going on your precious parts + glowing faces!  

keeping your health + wellness in mind is at the fore front of our cheeky goals. 

so, what makes our wax so special? 

it is made of compostable ingredients, that are fast drying, polymer + color free and can be used on all skin types including sensitive skin. This makes your service quick, effective, and comfortable, not to mention non-toxic for you and the Esthetician working with it. 

making sure the moment you step into The Cheeky Parlor you feel at peace is our prerogative. 

from the cheeky jams, to the calming atmosphere cheeky is an experience, one we believe every body deserves. 

we hope to nourish your body from your bikini to your brows and love sharing the magic clean beauty can make. 

see you at the parlor!

Ash (owner | esthetician )

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